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SailPass Temporary Membership


What is SailPass?

  • SailPass is a means by which someone who is not a member of Cleveland Yacht Club or an Australian Sailing affiliated club can enjoy sailing at Cleveland Yacht Club.
  • It’s a form of introductory or short-term membership to provide you coverage while learning/casual sailing or for a maximum of three race days per season.
  • A SailPass Temporary Membership addresses the Australian Sailing racing rules & personal insurance meaning you can come and enjoy your day!
  • Cleveland Yacht Club does not charge for Sailpasses, however, to save you a separate registration step, some sail passes will include the fee payment for the day.

How to Register

1. New to SailPass?

  • If you have never registered for a SailPass and don't have an AS Number click on the New Member at the bottom of the membership page.

2. Used SailPass before?

  • If you have previously registered for a SailPass you will already have an Australian Sailing (AS) number. 
  • Click on Returning Member at the bottom of the membership page and then select Sailpass membership once you have entered your details.
  • Can't remember your AS Number? Australian Sailing (AS) number Finder

The Rules

For you to make the most out of your day and for the benefit of all, there are of course rules:

  1. Visitors are required to abide by the Cleveland Yacht Club Code of Conduct at all times.
  2. Visitors wishing to crew on one of the member's boats are required to express their interest at least 2 weeks prior. This allows the Club to notify members that there is a visitor wishing to participate and confirm availability. Arriving at the club without prior arrangement most likely result in dissappointment as sailors on the day usually have prior arranged crew members. Just Contact Us or for regular approved crew members reach out via the Cleveland Yacht Club Group to let us know that you are interested and we will arrange it from there. Please do not register for SailPass until you have confirmed a date of attendance.
  3. It is also requested that visitors wishing to sail their own vessel are also Contact the Club at least by the Wednesday prior to ensure availability and so we can include you in any comms relating to the day.
  4. Please note that there is no parking for cars and limited parking for boat trailers available in the club grounds.
  5. Visitors are required to take their boats off its trailer, find parking outside of the club grounds and return to the club grounds for rigging.
  6. Please also note that having current insurance (including $5m public liability and race insurance) for your vessel is a prerequisite to racing at Cleveland Yacht Club.
  7. Our club relies on our members contributing both financially and to the ongoing successful operation of the club. Under most circumstances once you have visited on three separate occasions you will be asked to make a decision as to whether you would like to become a member of the club.

The Cost

The costs outlined below are all inclusive and cover SailPass, Race Entry Fee (normally $15 for members/boat), Boat Hire and Training as appropriate.

Learn to Sail training / coaching at the club: register now!

  • The cost is $80 for a members / visitors undertaking training/coaching at the club includes Sailpass, trainer/coach, boat hire and race fees where appropriate. Select "Training 1-up"
  • Cleveland Yacht Club offers a 30% discount to second and subsequent family members (total $136 for two, $192 for three, etc).  Select "Training 2-up" for the first member and "Crew Sailpass" for second and subsequent sailors

Visitors sailing their own boat: register now!

  • Fees for visiting boats is $30 where the sailors are a member of another Australian Sailing affiliated sailing club and therefore have an active Australian Sailing (AS) number.
  • Otherwise, if sailing 1-up, the total fee is $30, this covers the visiting sailor's Race Entry Fee and SailPass Temporary Membership. Select "Visitor 1-up Sailpass"
  • If sailing 2-up or 3-up, the total fee is $35, this covers the Race Entry Fee and SailPass Temporary Membership for skipper + crew.  Select "Visitor 2-up Sailpass" for the skipper and "Crew Sailpass" for each crew member.  Each person is required to register separately.

Visitors hiring a club boat: register now!

  • Boat hire + Race entry fees is $50. Select "Boat Hire Sailpass".
  • Non-members who have hired a block of sessions on club boats will have pre-paid for these sessions.  Irrespective, each non-member needs to sign up for a sailpass for each of the dates they hire the boat.  Select "Bulk Prepaid Sailpass"

Visitors crewing on a boat: register now!

  • The cost for a visitor crewing on a member's boat is free but you must still sign up with Sailpass to be eligible to race.  Select "Crew Sailpass"
  • Visitors crewing on another visitor's boat are required to signup for Sailpass to be eligible to race, however, your entry fee will have already be covered by the helm.  Select "Crew Sailpass"

Visitors racing the Peel Island Marathon: register now!

  • The cost for the Peel Island Marathon is covered under your registration form.  There is no additional charge for Sailpass.
  • Visitors including all crew are required to complete a "Peel Island Marathon Sailpass".

Volunteering at the club: register now!

  • If you are a non-member experienced with sailing or power boats and want to assist with our sailing community, please contact us!  We will provide your lunch and personal insurance as a big Thank You when you fill out a "Volunteer Sailpass" for your rostered dates

How to Pay

  • All SailPass temporary membership fees are payable in the clubhouse on the day of sailing (cash or electronic payment) or by direct deposit to:

           Cleveland Yacht Club.  Westpac, Cleveland BSB 034 070 Acc No. 235273