Cleveland Yacht Club

Arrival Instructions

Attention all competitors.

No vehicles are allowed to enter the yard on the day of the race for safety and operational reasons.

All boats must have a dolly or beach wheels to enter the yard. If unavailable, then please launch from Raby Bay Boat Ramp on William Street, Cleveland (near Raby Bay VMR).

What to bring?

Please bring your ID, and for the first 40 that have been guaranteed a rigging spot in the yard, your yard allocation number that will be emailed to you before the event.

Rigging in the yard:

When approaching the Cleveland Clubhouse from the south along Shore Road North, do not attempt to turn against traffic and enter the club’s yard. Instead, continue north and round the point and then approach the club from the club side of the road, and then when adjacent to the large jacaranda tree mount the nature strip and bring your vehicle to a halt (see map showing route below).

Our helpful Yard Marshalls will assist with unhooking your trailer and walk it into the yard. You are then free remove your vehicle to park in a suitable parking area. When you return to the clubhouse, we then then assist you to remove the vessel from your trailer and the trailer will be removed from the yard, so please remember to remove all sails and hardware you require to rig your vessel. Trailers must be relocated to the vacant council land adject to the clubhouse for operational reasons.

Once you have unloaded, please proceed directly to Registration to confirm your arrival or register if you have not pre-registered online.

Launching from Raby Bay Boat Ramp:

Please go straight to Registration at the club to confirm your arrival or register if you have not pre-registered online.  You may also be offered a spot in the yard if early enough and there are any remaining.

After registering, we suggest launching from the boat ramp and sailing around before the briefing to avoid the disappointment of missing the start for your Class.  The briefing is scheduled to finish at 10:05 with the first class of off-the-beach divisions starting at 10:40.

The best place to anchor up or leave your boat with a member of the crew is near the beaches on the southern side of the club for a short sail to the start line from there after the briefing.