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Peel Island Entry is now open, NOR posted

After 50 Years of racing the inaugural Peel Island Race, this year represents the bi-centennary of racing this event.

Open to all classes - The 2019 Action Shofitters 50th Peel Island Marathon always promises to bring plenty of excitment and unknowns.

Entries are now open - just a remonder for off the beach boats, while CYC has no limit on entries, we do have limited space in the CYC yard for 40 boats, the balance will be at VMR Raby Bay. If you want the convenience of being in the CYC yard, get in quick.

Entry forms on the Peel Island Page and are here

Media Release: Action Shopfitters - Major Sponsor

Cleveland Yacht Club is proud to announce our major sponsor for the Peel Island Marathon this year, will be once again Action Shopfitters.

Action Shopfitters have sponsored this great race for a number of years, and once again the club would like to very much thank Tony Cummins and his team for his ongoing support of this major event.

"2019 Action Shopfitters 50th Peel Island Marathon"

More detials coming here

New Members, Volunteer and Visitors

The Cleveland Yacht club welcomes new members, competitors and visitors alike.

Spectators are welcome to pop down and watch the racing from the comfort of our sunny front deck.

Volunteers are always welcome and help extended to the club is warmly welcomed.

Any person interested in joining CYC or need questions answered about sailing at CYC please contact the clubhouse Ph 3821 1177 on Sunday. Our Club welcomes all new members whether your an experienced sailor or a beginner. Membership forms here


Do you have a old sailing boat at home which you have not sailed for years why not get it out and come down to Cleveland Point and sail with us socially on a Sunday from 9am?
Would you like to know more about social sailing then join us on a Sunday at any time throughout the day and let us show you what is available and how you may benefit from participation.
What do we offer? Access direct to the beautiful waters of Moreton Bay with supervision from both land and sea to ensure that in the event of a gear or crew failure ( we all know skippers never err) a rescue boat and qualified crew will be with you in seconds to ensure your safety and provide assistance should you require help in righting your craft, making temporary repairs, attending to any minor injuries or providing a tow back to the Club.
At all times you will be monitored from our Club and on the water by a Rescue boat manned by qualified crew ready and capable of providing assistance at no cost. The rescue boats are equipped with radios and therefore capable of being directed to any emerging situation from either shore or a another rescue boat, who may be further afield from the issue.
Club members have vast experience with all types of craft and are only too pleased to assist with rigging and/or provision of advice on all aspects of sailing or what areas are best to sail given wind and tide conditions on the day.
There is no need or pressure to join our races we are fostering this initiative to enable anyone to find out more about sailing and the joys of a day on the water without the stress or competitive urge to participate in and win races.
The club has a number of Pacers which are used for sail training and may provide you with the opportunity to enjoy time on the water under sail.
Alternatively you may wish to acquire skills in the management of sailing events for example assisting qualified crew on a rescue boat, setting courses or monitoring members sailing from the shore.
All you need to do is bring the family down to the club any Sunday and enjoy all of the above.

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Video: Courtesy F18 Sailing.