Cleveland Yacht Club

What CYC does in the community

The Cleveland Yacht Club is an active member of the Redlands and boating communities. Our activities include training new members in boating activities, training our own members, holding state and national championships, and joining in activities such as the Cancer cause.

Sailing School

Cleveland Yacht Club runs a nonprofit sailing school from its grounds on Cleveland Point. The school is staffed by volunteers who give up their time and expertise to share their love of sailing.

Thanks to a Gambling Community Benefit Fund grant, the Cleveland Yacht Club has three new Pacer dinghies for the sailing school.

Sailing School facilitates subsidised voluteer training to club members.

For more information go to Sailing School

Spring Festival

Each year the club joins in the spring festival celebrations by conducting races at the club. All are welcome

Training Saves Lives

In Queensland almost one in every 15 Queenslanders aged 16 years or older owns a boat and one in five hold a boat licence. This is the highest proportion in Australia.

Queensland had 13 marine fatalities last year and 17 the previous year.

Nothing can do more to reduce the incidents of marine deaths and injury than good training and the supportive environment that comes from membership in one of the many boating clubs. Cleveland Yacht club seeks to actively improve the skill levels of all members not only by running the training school but assisting members in getting boat licences, training in radio skills, first aid and rescue boat endorsements. All this is done by volunteers and as our limited resources permit.